Chris Margaronis

Managing Director and Founder, Infra Associates

As the Managing Director and Founder of Infra Associates, Chris Margaronis works on innovative infrastructure delivery and financing, with specialties in complex problem solving and management. His unique perspective has evolved through years of experiences on staff for a California Congressional Representative in Washington DC, as a Project Manager for Public Private Partnership (P3) projects at LA Metro and through his experience working in private equity. Chris’ passion for infrastructure, is rooted in a Greek tradition having served as an able-bodied seaman on board a Greek-flagged ship at the age of 14. An alumnus of the Coro Fellowship in Public Affairs, Chris draws from his public and private sector experience to bring a big picture framework to how he helps clients conceptualize, develop and execute on infrastructure projects.

My Sessions

Breakout Session 1.2: Smart Cities of the Future - Innovative Technologies