Jeff Duhamel

CEO and Principal Consultant, MuniEnvironmental

Jeff Duhamel is a professional Solid Waste and Recycling consultant specializing in Solid Waste facility development and municipal regulatory compliance.

In 1997 Mr. Duhamel formed Waste Systems Technology, Inc., a professional consulting firm helping local municipalities, Recycling firms and material recovery facility (MRF) operators meet Recycling and Solid Waste compliance requirements mandated by the State of California and local agencies.

With over two decades of experience in the Solid Waste industry, Mr. Duhamel has consulted numerous municipalities in: Construction demolition debris program, Large venue Solid Waste management program, Electronic Waste Recycling, Universal Waste Collection and Recycling ($300,000 Grant Award), Recycling /Hauler Audits, CalRecycle Annual Reporting, Commercial Sector Technical Assistance Program, Newsletter/Mailers/Recycling Program Guide, Commercial Sector Recycling Permit Program (AB 341), Organics Recycling Programs (AB 1826), Regional Landfill and Transfer Capacity Study, and Rate Sector Studies.

These efforts have helped municipalities achieve annual diversion rates as high as 62%

Under contract for the City of Los Angeles, Jeff Duhamel conducted site feasibilities studies for three potential Solid Waste facility locations, preparing preliminary site plans, traffic diagrams, preliminary environmental programming and project recommendations. Additionally, Mr. Duhamel has provided local municipalities with Solid Waste consulting and auditing services that have recovered millions of dollars of unpaid fees.

In 2015 Mr. Duhamel founded MuniEnvironmental, LLC, a professional environmental consulting firm specializing in Solid Waste, Recycling and Stormwater compliance.

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Breakout Session 3.1: Stormwater and Waste Management